Stay tuned for the 2024 reimagined Barnaby Station text message learning platform.

Designed for Bite-Sized Learning


Learn anything via a series of short text messages sent to you once a day


Removes economic constraints for learning and development


Diverse subject matter experts covering a wide-range of topics

The hottest topics at your fingertips.

Access. Speed. Affordable. Classes are delivered through text message. Each course features bite-sized lessons on a broad range of topics.

Text delivery is one part of the equation, but it’s the storytelling that makes it stand out.

Expertly-curated lessons from leaders in their field are transformed into stories designed for purpose-driven learning. 

Courses are perfect for business professionals, advertisers, entrepreneurs, students, and underserved communities who want the latest skill-based and personal learning.

3 - 5 Minutes

Average time to complete a daily lesson at your pace

9 Days

One text-lesson per day provides quick and optimal learning

Mobile Device

Mobile Friendly. Learn anywhere, anytime via standard text, what's app or fb messenger

About Us

Democratized Learning

Barnaby Station delivers text message lessons to people and companies to quickly learn about topics.

Learning needs to be nimble, reflect the time we live in and aligned with digital habits.

Our courses are developed in response to business skill gaps, culture shifts, time constraints and unrelenting social change.  

It’s learning that’s accessible,  affordable and expertly-curated. 

U.S. adults carry text-enabled phones

Text message read rates

Text message course completion rate

    Sources: Mobile Marketing Watch, Slick Text


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