partnerships for achievement

Take Control of Your Future

The world is changing rapidly. Technology, social change and new digital behaviors will require every business and everyone to level-up or risk being left behind.  

Our partnerships in tandem with corporations, foundations and individuals, offer sponsored skill-based and competency training at scale for professional and personal development — at no cost to the end user. 


Skill-Based & Competency Training


Community Development + Growth Initiatives


Personal + Private Development Commitments and Goals

Employee Development + Customer Value

Corporate Partners

Corporate Training
Text message learning is perfect for corporate on-demand skills and competency training and development. It’s an efficient platform to supplement employee on-boarding and performance improvement efforts. 

Customer Value
Imagine text-message delivery as a supplement to marketing and advertising materials – creating direct conversations with customers. Bite-sized lessons are educational and amplify the application of  products and services.

Community-Based Capacity & Development

Foundation & Community Partners

Foundation & Community partnerships are designed to respond to the challenges of underserved and disadvantaged communities.

Pre-existing community-development classes can be reshaped to fit text-message delivery or courses developed in partnership with community leaders to address a myriad of development issues and needs.

The community partnership framework revolves around  leadership development, economic stability, health and social initiatives, youth development, etc.

Personal Commitment Development

Individual & Private Partners

This partnership framework supports informal personal commitments and goals individuals set for themselves and their families.

For individual and private sponsors, the focus is on raising awareness and support through education and thought leadership of issues or platforms they care about.

This partnership matches the issue with subject matter experts to provide fact-based courses and lessons that covers the full spectrum of a topic.

About The Logo

Kaizen is the name of the Barnaby Station Fox. It symbolizes opportunity, agility, cleverness, wisdom, curiosity, and mental responsiveness.

Learning is continuous and ongoing and the back half of the Kaizen logo is in development, symbolizing the idea of continuous improvement.